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Thanks for your interest in the Website Rescue Team. We're anxious to get started. Please provide the information below and we will contact you promptly to begin the process of solving your website problems.

(Note: Please DO NOT provide any security-related information, such as user names and passwords, in the form below. We will obtain any necessary login credentials or other security-related details directly from you if they are required during our work with you).

Fees and Services: There is a non-refundable diagnostic fee of $149.95 to initiate our work on your issue. If the issue can be resolved with 90 minutes or less of our professional time there will be no further charge. If the problem requires more than 90 minutes of labor we will provide an estimate for the work required. Depending on the nature and magnitude of the problem this may be an hourly or a fixed-rate quote. If you approve the additional work, the diagnostic fee will be credited to the total bill for the job. Work will not be performed without your prior approval.